Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Left Eyes..

Hye there, Assalamualaikum..
saya tak tau kenape mata kiri saya dah dekat seminggu asyik gerak2..
is it a sign of that i'm gonna cry hardly or what?
today i wrote this post with a sorrow feeling..
what would you feel if someone that you really trusted or
we can say your friend accuse you something that you did not do at all.
yes, it was happen to me..
sedih, kecewa, tertekan and everything that lead to 
negative feelings..
last night, after i came back for night class.
i perform my solat isyak & solat taubat..
seeking for HIS guidance to overcome this problems.
i did not ask nothing much..
mintak tlg kuatkan hati, tabahkan diri utk hadapi semuanya..
lepas tu log in facebook..
then, ade something yang menarik mata ni untuk membaca sesuatu.

"Jika ingin tahu akhlak sebenar seseorang, 
Lihatlah dia sewaktu dia sangat marah..
Jika ingin melihat kehebatan akhlaknya, 
Lihatlah dia sewaktu berurusan dengan orang yang
mencerca & membencinya..
Jika ingin melihat keadilan mindanya dan kebaikan pola
Lihatlah cara dia berbincang dengan pandangan 
berbeza dengannya"

after i read this..i cried like never before..
i told my mom what is happen to me and ask her not to be worry..
be back home soon maaa..
my mom said, ignore her..move on with your duties..
and somebody did tell me one thing..
It is not them who choose you to carry this duties, 
But Allah, HE knows that you can take this responsibilities..

al fitnatu ashaddu minal tak minx lebih..cume husnuszon terhadap saya je..

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