Saturday, December 24, 2011

running girl !!

yay !! akhirnye dpt jgk jmpe ngan anak buah tersayang ney..
its been a long time to make my two bestfriend to be in kuantan at the same time..
GOSH ! susah weyh ! hahaha

baru sampai kuantan around 1 p.m. then straight away 
to my mom's lecturer punye kenduri..walaweyh ! anak dy pown lecturer kat UiTM Jengka..
hahaha..what a coincidence..

after that i rushed home, then pickup my two bestie yg sgt2 mengada..hahaha *gurau
kitorang terus pergi kenduri kakak member kitorang yg da selamat 
menjadi tunangan orang..congrats kak !!

kite pown teringin jugak..berangan je dulu xpe kan ??

lepas tu teringat kat sorang budak kecik ney haaa..
kitorang x terus pergi..
singgah beli something dulu utk adam..
adam ! tgk la aunty2 awak beli kan neyh !

aunty fara !

aunty mai !

for sure its me la sayang..
aunty fatin..

ney utk adam !!  ^_^

lepas tu baru pergi tgk adam..
tp sayang..mama adam xde kat umah..
nasib baik adam ade ngan nenek kannn..  ^_^

kacau adam tidooo..hahahaha..
sorry sayang..

excited adam nak mandi !  =P

adios amigos baby !

Thursday, December 22, 2011

End of 2011 !!

as the time goes by..2012 are already around the corner..
yet so many things happen to me in leaves me with
sweet, sour, bitter & salty.. LOL
i will remember every moment & everything that happen..
because, of that every 'moment' teach me how to be more matured..
and i was thankful for that...

i love taking pictures..and every pictures tells a story..
i will upload all the pictures totally from the Jan 2011 until Dec 2011..

                      my 1st week of becoming university student

               my cheerful for them never fade away..

friends are like rainbows, always to cheer u up after a storm

junior's night keep the memories of us..

my dearest u strong on whatever coming to u after this..
just take a good care of your baby adam..
love u both..  ^_^

the one who never stop giving me full support
on whatever i them damn much !

break fasting last ramadhan with classmates..  

                   for sure this one is during raya...daaa~

eating lemang..yay !!

my activities during free time in jengka..haha  *gemoks

korang mampu ?? HAHAHAHA

always happen in Jengka... Damn !

they are awesome !! love them..

that's all i think..nak upload bnyk2 line hampeh la jgk...
have a nice end of 2011 all !!