Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cure for the boring sickness

Hye there !
Assalamualaikum...  =D
I have a lotsss of time to hapdate my belog
but i don't know what's gonna be in it..
I mean the point, stories or whatever..  =,="

Boring? Dunno what to do?
What is the cure?
ohh yes ! shopping !
Especially with my bestie..

Did you see how excited i am !!  =D

This is what's gonna happen if 'WE' are the owner of the 
fitting room..  =P

Look mai ! We in this picture ! haha

Lebiu dear  ^_^

eerrrr  =,="
forget ittttt..

After several times later..Mr. Stomach feels empty and we fill it with thisssss..

My most2222 favourite..Fatin, please jangan membebel
kat diri sendiri kalau gain more weight..  *Got the point  =,="

Idaman kalbu..sorry  =P

Penat ?? Let's find our back home mai..haha  =D

Well this is how i pamper myself..
Tapi tak selalu..nanti botak..Ahakkksss  =D
bubyeee  =)

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