Friday, May 11, 2012

Your Life, Your Decision

Real life means what is happening in reality..jangan nak berangan bagai..haha  =)
But it is what are we facing every single day...once a moment i was alone by myself..
And thinking..Who am i right now? What  people think about me? is it good or bad...
And suddenly i was crying..The memory recall my past mistakes..
As a muslim, what did i do to my religion? To my self? Then i keep thinking and wondering..

Yet i realise it is not too late to turn back to the right paths..I started to contact with a person who 
i trust that can fully support me in what am i gonna do..Speaking about jodoh..I trust in Allah promises..
In order to find a good man, We need to be a good Muslimah 1st..It makes me think and 
when i saw a muslimah who covered themselves properly as taught in islam my heart says "Subhanallah, most of them are beautiful"   =)

Alhamdulillah..maybe this is the time we as a muslimah to wear a proper clothes and hijab
properly as taught in islam..The most important thing is, my mother are giving 100% support 
in what ever i do..

  • Muslimah yang baik tidak memandang dan tidak juga dipandang.
  • Yang tertutup itu INDAH.
  • In order to find a good MAN, We need too be a good MUSLIMAH.
  • Wanita solehah lebih mahal nilainya dari lelaki yang soleh. Sebab apa?  Sebab wanita yang solehah sukar ditemui.
  • Muslimah yang baik adalah muslimah yang menjaga lidahnya.

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