Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hierah's the Cat..

The 1st moment i saw her, 1st time i hold her i admit, 
that moment i started to loved her..

 I save a little kitten from being run by a car that nite. 
She' hungry and hurt.Took her to Vet.
And named her "Hierah"

Such an adorable kitten who lost that time..pity on her..
This CNY holiday i did go back home..what a surprise !
She looks very happy when i arrived at home..
& even don't want to get out from my room even though i wasn't in that room..
i ask my mom..did she behave like this before??

my mom said no..& never enter my room unless somebody brought her into..
then my mom continue..She know the one who saved her just came back home..
She misses you.. a Lot maybe..
That's why everybody did say, animal knows how to be grateful..

I don't really likes to take my cats picture..seriously..
i just post the exactly looks like her..  =)

 HAHAHA..this is not a troll..

but this cat really looks like her..  =P

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